Aspects that Make Pyrenees cycling holiday a Must have Tour

When it comes to road cycling trips, most of the holiday goers start with certain set of expectations like stunning descents, riding buddies, tough climbs, smooth roads, etc. It would not be wrong if someone asserts that the French Pyrenees could be the most beautiful as well as adventurous place and it fulfills all the requirements a rider dreams off.


The mountains of Pyrenees create a magnificent diving line between Spain and France and most of the peaks have steeped in history. The weather is extremely notorious and the thunderstorms are rarely off the cards. This post mainly talks about the aspects that make the Pyrenees a top-notch holiday destination.

  • Perfect Gateway for the Adventure Enthusiasts

If you are planning for Pyrenees cycling holiday then make sure that you will get a well-planned and traffic-free network of roads in the slopes. Now this will be an amazing feature for the cyclists as well as the runners.

This will allow the athletes to drive smoothly to their destination without facing hassles. In addition to that, the Pyrenees is also best known for treasuring varied terrain ranging from steep rocky hills to undulated plains. So, all together this place is a perfect gateway for the adventure lovers.

  • Remote Yet Charming Locations

Most of the people from all over the world opt for Pyrenees holiday because this destination offers some difficult yet captivating locations. Most importantly all of them are the part of exclusive Tour de France. Nothing can be much better than exploring the beautiful and remote locations and accepting the upcoming challenges; the Pyrenees in this context is one of the perfect examples.

  • Agencies Available Offers Affordable Rates

The Pyrenees holiday destinations are best known for having some leading and the most affordable agencies that organize the entire tour. These agencies offer the complete set of training to the people and make them competent enough to make the journey a memorable one. In addition to that, these agencies also offer homely accommodations, bikes, food and other means of relaxation and entertainment.

  • Amazing Weather

One of the principal reasons for which millions of people visit the Pyrenees is mainly because of its amazing favorable weather conditions. Not too cold nor too hot, this place remains dry for most of the time, but certain parts of the same receive significant amount of rain and snow and this makes the stay for the visitors even more memorable.

These amazing aspects make Pyrenees cycling holiday one of the most tourist destination all over the world. Make sure to choose a reputed and professional agency in order to make the trip to its fullest.


Pros and Cons of Guided and Independent Cycling Trips


Are you planning for something different this holiday? Instead of relaxing on, a beach, do you wish to indulge in something exhilarating that could break the monotony of your everyday life? If yes, I would personally recommend you to take part in the famous cycling trips of Pyrenees. Noted for its enrapturing natural surroundings, this exceptionally beautiful destination in France is noted for being a paradise to both the experienced and amateur riders. Now that you are more or less sure about the location, it is time to decide, whether you would like to opt for independent or guided trips. The guided and the independent trips are really thrilling and enjoyable. But, you should follow some of the measures that will make your trip enjoyable and memorable for lifetime. Both the guided tours and independent tours have their own way of exploration and also they provide you with unique experiences separately. However, both have certain limits and disadvantages.

Both these modes do have their own series of pros and cons. Let us explore some of them in the following discussion.


An increasing number of individuals from all across the globe have admitted that for Pyrenees cycling holidays, it would be better if they opt for a guided tour. The travel location has many organizations that provide optimal trips to solo travelers, couples or small groups of people. Specialized experts prepare itineraries so that riders could make the most out of this trip. Not only would the participants be provided with cycles and other necessary paraphernalia but they would also be offered delicious and nutritious food along with comfortable accommodations. The guided tours are those that are accompanied with reputed guides and professionals who help in the process. Check out the pros and cons of the guided tours.

 If you are yet sceptical, may be the below-mentioned positive aspects would change your mind.


  • Pre-planned routes and structured schedules would make the journey hassle free.
  • The guides make sure that you do not get into any kind of troubles.
  • On these trips, your additional equipment is hauled in a support van and does not need to be carried.
  • Guided trips stand to be enriching because the experts offer information on the history and culture of the concerned location.

A coin has two sides and similarly, there are some disadvantages of guided cycling trips too. Some of those are as follows:


  • Guided trips could be a tad bit more expensive especially if you are running on a tight budget.
  • These tours depend heavily on a guide so if the said professional is not competent or experienced enough, your entire trip would turn out to be disappointing.
  • Guided trips are much rigid, where you need to follow a well-defined plan. One is allowed to venture on their own.


In the present times, most of the travelers are opting for independent trips probably because they love the thought of exploring unknown locations on their own. Being much flexible and offering utmost freedom to the participants, there are some, who wish to go for such tours while enjoying their Pyrenees cycling holidays. The pros and cons of this particular mode are mentioned as follows:


  • Relatively expensive.
  • One is provided with the opportunity to ride as much as they wish to.
  • As there is no definite schedule, you are allowed to take detours and have memorable interactions with the natives.
  • Traveling alone is the best way to meet new people and make friends.


  • Such trips could be risky for you have none to help you if in trouble.
  • Hauling all the tools and gears on one’s own could be a pain.
  • While you might be able to navigate easily, there are chances that you would miss the key highlights of the destination.

Now, you have got an idea regarding the various pros and cons of availing the independent as well as the guided tours. Whether you opt for guided or the independent tours, you should generally choose a reputed tour operator in the case. .

Pyrenees – the Cycling Vacation Pilgrimage in France

Cycling sport is one of the most aesthetic sports around the world. Apart from the categories based on difficulties there are other types of bicycle racing such as road bicycle racing, mountain bike racing, track cycling, and bicycle speedway, etc. There are also some non-racing cycling sports which include artistic cycling, cycle polo, freestyle BMX, and mountain bike trials. In Europe, France and Spain are known for their amazing biking routes and trails. Among the mountain trails that are world famous the ones situates in Pyrenees are the most scenic and aesthetic trails. For every cyclist around the world, cycling in Pyrenees for holidays is like going to the pilgrimage of cycling tracks.

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Re-Energize Your Life Once Again With Pyrenees Cycling

Have you ever traveled in outside your country? Do you have any plan to go out of your country to celebrate a holiday vacation? Then take my suggestion, you can just close your eyes and decide on having a tour in France. Confused! Not expected! Well, in this case, let me inform you that France is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. 2015 saw a record-breaking 84.5 million tourists flocking to the country for anything from almost every nook and corner of the world.

But what was more impressive was, almost 40% of the travelers used to engage themselves in Pyrenees cycling activity in order to make their holiday vacation even more special. Although recent major attacks in France have created a sense of fear among the travelers; but French authorities are confident enough to record yet another record breaking year in their traveling history. Let us explore some mentionable places here.


  • Pyrenees – The first and probably the most mentionable place here in France is this. The place is known for its volcanic countryside, Spanish, and the Mediterranean coast, and superb scenery together with some unique landscapes. For last few decades, it has been known for offering some awesome explorations to the travelers. Surprisingly, a large section of travelers always shows their utmost desire to unearth the new culture and beauty of the Pyrenees while cycling through it.
  • Loire Valley- Well, if you are a food loving individual who just loves to taste the fruits of nature; then nothing can be similar to this place. This valley is known for bountiful fruit orchards, magnificent architectural landmarks and other kinds of gorgeous hamlets. You can enjoy the quiet roads, wrapped in some magnificent as well as historically significant buildings. Additionally, here you can enjoy an island in Azay-le-Rideau, Clos Luc and astoundingly beautiful Fontevraud Abbey in Anjou.
  • Provence- As per most of the travelers, it is just like a canvas that is created by a master painter. Almost 99% of cyclists stop here to enjoy some of the exceptional cultural activities related to the region. Furthermore, never forget to taste famous wines in front of magnificent surrounding architecture.

The list seems to be endless; you need to plan it efficiently before going there. But the best thing would be hiring the service of a reputed service provider offering adequate Pyrenees cycling service. Even more, they can make it interesting further since they can arrange some cycling competitions there. In short, they can arrange everything for you; right from accommodation to planning the route of the entire journey. You would never feel helpless there since the guides would be there to assist you in every step. Undoubtedly, they are much professional and experienced. So, just go for it.

Road Cycling Routes to Offer the Best of Experiences

The experience gained through cycling in some of the popular mountainous regions surely does count for many of the road cyclists but perhaps none can be compared to the Pyrenees Mountains. The mountain range in the South-Western part of Europe, in actuality, is a natural border between the countries of France and Spain.

It is the Midi-Pyrenees that should be undergoing discussion in this piece as it is where most of the activities take place when it comes to road cycling.

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Pyrenees: A Celebrated Destination for Cycling Enthusiasts

Almost every individual desires for a perfect body shapeand there is an easy way of achieving it. Instead of indulging in difficult exercises, pedaling could provide them with a fit and healthy body. Cycling has certain exceptional benefits. Apart from making you physically strong and active, this sportive effectually boosts your brainpower. Some of the ultimate positive aspects, which would successfully convince to get on a bike, are mentioned below in brief.

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Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit with Pyrenees Cycling Tour

Cycling through a circuitous road of foothills and the gradient, keeping the mountain beside us to accompany us – the thought is enough to excite our adventurous spirit. However, the desire seems to be unquenchable, as we hardly get access to such bewildering lands of endless trails where nothing but the serenity of nature would go along with us. Cycling holidays in Pyrenees puts forward the scope of satiate the latent adventurous soul. Discover the utmost of beauty of most celebrated cycling holiday destinations of Europe just like a local with the benefit of benign climate. This distinctive concept of vacation stands out from the conventional ones where we explore the places through cars, buses or trains.


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