Road Cycling Routes to Offer the Best of Experiences

The experience gained through cycling in some of the popular mountainous regions surely does count for many of the road cyclists but perhaps none can be compared to the Pyrenees Mountains. The mountain range in the South-Western part of Europe, in actuality, is a natural border between the countries of France and Spain.

It is the Midi-Pyrenees that should be undergoing discussion in this piece as it is where most of the activities take place when it comes to road cycling.


Celebrated Region:

A quick referral about the area would make it instantly recognizable to the readers. This Pyrenees host the celebrated world famous cycling events of Route du Sud and Tour de France. The area is considered the perfect for such events mainly due to its characteristic road features which aren’t to be found anywhere else. One example of such a nowhere to be found feature is in the Ariege of the Midi-Pyrenees that offers ample traffic free lanes.

Turning into a Holiday Destination:

It is quite of a natural occurrence for serious cyclists as well as for tourists to develop a liking for the place. This new found interest has created the perfect platform for bodies to set up bases that offer a unique Pyrenees cycling holiday experience. The holiday experience comprises of various activities like training camps, as well as leisurely rides. As is expected, a scope for a unique holiday since never goes for a toss, from couples to small groups, families, and even solo adventure-seeking riders, all are making a beeline to avail it.

Organizations that are creating the opportunity for the tourists and the visitors with some of the unique way of spending a few days in the tranquillity of the mountain life, has the sole aim of granting liberty to the vacationers. The area that has an interwoven mesh of roads, allows the bodies to personalize the routes in accordance with the preference or choice of the visitors. In consideration of a bigger picture, the area has practically every type of road conditions suited to various ways of riding the bike.

Thus during a Pyrenees Cycling Holiday, while a couple of visitors may be looking forward to leisurely countryside rides in the Cathar area, the serious adventurous kind can get their heart’s fulfilment with rides on the Tour de France Cols complete with steep descents and sharp bends. More often than not the bodies set up their home base in particular location like the Loubieres for an example. It is from here the visitors can explore the region either on their own or with a guide in tow.


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