Biking in the Pyrenees Now Made a Special Experience

While considering a road cycling trip amidst some of the world’s pristine locations, a Pyrenees cycling experience certainly comes second to very few. The Pyrenees as the very location of world renowned cycling events like Tour de France and Route du Sud always has a steady trickle of cycling enthusiasts from across the world.

It is due to such importance and a number of revelers show interests and road cycling enthusiasts, a number of professional bodies have set up their bases in the location. The bodies happen to provide a road cycling holiday to a full-fledged training session in a camp. Every aspect of a staying experience is covered from basic food and nutrition to the attires and others.

A Pyrenees based cycling experience is made to be special for every kind of people including, couples, solo riders and small groups of people. Irrespective of the people who avail of the service, a wonderful vacation including a road cycling trip is on offer. Every route prepared by the camping bodies is diverse either providing an adrenaline pumping experience or a much tame leisurely ride along the countryside.

Location specific surroundings of the Pyrenees that cater as the hot bed of cycling activities are the midi and Haute range of mountains. It is these parts of the range that have a footfall of the most number of tourists. The professional camping bodies offering staying experiences and even training to the tourists have their popularity graph increasing at a steady rate. A number of agencies happen to function from the Foix region.

To delve into the formation of the bodies helping tourists to experience the Pyrenees, some of the bodies are a joint partnership of people who are even couples. Many of the couples are ex-cyclists or just lovers of the cycling sport. This very much helps the tourists too, as they are never short of tips during their staying in the Pyrenees. Many of the x-cyclists who are the owners of such professional setups have cycling experience in every kind of terrain imaginable.

A biking experience in the Pyrenees isn’t just complete with the wide network of roads interwoven into each other. The roads are lined up with ample medieval townships, open countryside and a much popular, abandoned and now converted railway track by the name of Voi Vert. The tourists and cyclists are always on the reminder to carry the essentialities of light snacks and water while cycling. This is as long hours under the sun are quite normal.


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