Ways to Stay Healthy On A Bicycle Trip

Bicycle rides appear to be a healthy exercise for the body. Definitely, cycling is a healthy exercise. But in a tour, the body gets exhausted due to new and extreme conditions.


The health sometimes faces many tough challenges due to the weather conditions and poor food habits. Generally, your body is not used to such intense exercise and so it is better you try to follow certain things which will help in further reducing health damage to an extent. Cycling in Pyrenees is quite popular. There are also other places who are hosting this kind of trips. Keep in mind a few points before you start your trip-

•    Before you start your cycle trip, start training yourself. The more fit you are, the fewer chances of injury will be there. Get a little bit comfortable with the saddle to avoid getting sores.

•    Drink as much water as you can. While on the trip, try to drink lots of water. Drink even before you feel thirsty. If possible carry oral hydration packs. There are certain areas which will be devoid of services. In those places, you will need these things. Do take an extra bottle as a backup.

•    When you are cycling, a lot of calories are burned down. Avoid getting indulged into ice creams, pizzas, snacks, and chips. These things won’t serve you with required amount of energy and it will soon make you feel hungry. Opt for foods that are rich in fiber, whole grain diet. Also, fruits and veggies are good in supplying energy. Try to carry some food that is available or buy them during the journey like energy bars, dark chocolate, nuts and fruits like bananas.

•    Do take a first aid kit with you. This can help you in emergency situations.

•    It is also advisable that you should take rest before your body gets tired. A good sleep at night with help you to relax and bounce back with fresh energy.

•    It is very difficult to maintain body hygiene when on a road trip. But the difficulty doesn’t mean that it is impossible. You can carry sweat towels to wipe the dirt away. Also, you can keep yourself clean by using water from rivers, streams, rains.

•    You should plan to keep in mind the extreme conditions of weather. On a road trip, it might sometimes get too hot, especially in summers. At winters, it might get really cold. Also, start cycling early in the morning when the heat is less effective. Take a while resting under the shade. But before resting be sure that you have stopped for good. Because it is hard to get back the same kind of energy that you had started off with. Also wear high-quality clothing that will keep you dry in rain, cool in the heat and warm in cold.

Along with cycling, Mountain biking is also becoming popular nowadays. Mountain biking in Pyrenees is quite famous in this respect.


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