Our Tips for A Great Cycling Vacation In The French Pyrenees

The Mid Pyrenees is unquestionably an amazing area for road cycling and mountain biking.  Mountain routes, along endless quiet country lanes, a cycling holiday in this area will take you through a rich patchwork of villages and  towns where you will experience a different culture and lifestyle.  The Haute Pyrenees and the Ariege departments offer the most popular climbs in the region.  The two areas standing  side by side offering iconic Tour de France  cols such as Col du Tourmalet, Hautacam, Col de Portet in the Haute Pyrenees and the Plateau de Beille, Col d’Agnes, Col de Port in the Ariege.  The thrill of the ride is in the climbs at differing gradients and the exhilaration of the rapid descents with the combination of 360 degree switchbacks.  In order for you to enjoy the experience of the  challenging terran that the Pyrenean cols have to offer you will need to have a good degree of cycle fitness.



– The Midi Pyrenees can be as hard as you make it and if you are planning on a challenging holiday biking the cols, or have not done  any cycling for a while, it is advisable to have trained in order that you can completely enjoy the experience. safely.

– Before your trip its important to check over your  bike (if you are taking it with you),  clothing and any other equipment,  to make sure its in tip top condition and ready and able to do the job it was designed for.  Ensure your bike has the correct gearing

– Choose the correct clothing, remember you may experience different weather conditions in one day.  Its advisable to carry a good quality cape at all times.  Take 2/3 changes.  Cycle B&B’s usually offer laundry facilities either free or for a small fee.

– Wear good quality cycling shorts – its important to invest in the best you can afford.

– Make sure your  bike is correctly fitted for you in order that you get a comfortable riding experience.

– Its a good idea to keep snacks with you to consume at regular intervals to keep  your energy levels up so that you may complete your ride.

– Regularly top up your water bottles – drinking water is available  from communal taps in most towns and villages.

– Avoid sunburn during your cycling in the Pyrenees France, apply high SPF sunscreen and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV and debris.

– If you havent a GPS device its a good idea to take a map along with you. Cycling B&B’s  will normally have maps/routes available – you can always check at the time of booking.

– If touring the Pyrenees, its important to take enough breaks throughout the day – enjoy the scenery, take photographs, partake in cafe life, enjoy the pretty villages you will be cycling through. These breaks will help alleviate any soreness.  Try and  book accommodation with cycle friendly b&b’s they will know your needs.

– If cycling from a base camp its good to book accommodation with a cycling b&b/training camp etc.  You will not only have access to usually great cycle friendly accommodation and good food at the end of the ride but  you will also have their knowledge and experience on hand which they are normally enthusiastic to share.   Most places welcome groups as well as solo travellers so if travelling by yourself dont  be put off.

And finally enjoy the whole experience!!!


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